Streaming for Reading- A quick, creative way to teach reading comprehension using songs and lyrics

What is Streaming for Reading?

Streaming for reading is quick, creative way to teach reading National Curriculum reading comprehension questions. Each session comes with a song lyric sheet and a reading comprehension sheet that uses RIC style questioning. Every lesson starts with a song! It beats the boredom is a regular guided reading session and hits HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills). Find out more about HOTS here.

You can find out more about RIC questioning at MrsPteach

The idea is to engage all levels of abilities including lower ability readers, SEN pupils, reluctant boy readers and motivate

If you are a parent and want a fun way to help your child get better at reading ‘between the lines’ then this is a perfect resource for you.

Does it work?

Reading comprehension scores have improved by 25% in the time between Spring (assessment) and Summer term 1 (April data).

Pupil voice:

Our children loved it! Check out their thoughts here…Streamin’ for reading pupil voice

How can I use it in my classroom?

Simply choose a pack to download and click the link! You can print individual copies to put in books or show the master copy on the whiteboard. Each pack contains 6 quality text songs with lyric and question sheets.

Here you can find the free resource pack that includes an overview, classroom posters and student handouts. Click the link below:

Streamin’ for reading resource pack FREE

There are also lyric sheets, RIC question sheets and a teacher PowerPoint with links to the songs.

You can stream the music for free from Youtube or use Apple Music or Spotify.

All our Streamin’ for Reading are currently FREE in PDF format:

This is me- The greatest showman This is Me. Lyrics handout

Human – Rag and bone man 

Human Rag and Bone man

Image result for rag and bone man human

Feel it – Portugal the man 

Portgugal the Man handout

Image result for portugal the man feel it

The Disney pack!

You’re welcome – Dwayne Johnson You’re welcome. Dwayne Johnson

Image result for maui dwayne johnson

Under the Sea – Little Mermaid 

Under the sea- little mermaid

Image result for little mermaid

I wanna be like you – Jungle Book

I wan’na be like you- Jungle Book

Image result for jungle book

I just can’t wait to be king- The Lion King

I just can’t wait to be King- Lion King

Image result for lion king

Streamin for reading logo




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