Episode 3 – Avoid the mood hoovers

This educator has a great story to tell about his route into teaching and some brilliant top tips to help you survive and thrive in your school- Jacob Woolcock. 

Jacob’s top tips for the 1st aid kit:

#7 Try not to get into a routine- try and keep things exciting and fresh! You need a new reasons each day to be excited to be going into work.

#8 Accept change. We need to be evolving as professionals, especially when today’s world is changing so quickly- as educators we need to respond to that.

#9 It’s okay to make baby steps for understanding and using technology.

We catch up with Luca with his first week back in Malaysia as he prepares for a jazz festival with his new international staff. He talks ‘playtime shutdown’ with haze air pollution.

Episode 3 – listen here

Published by Mr K Education

Tom Konsek is an Apple Distinguished Educator and Primary school teacher in the East Midlands, UK. He shares his innovative ideas about curriculum and technology via his blog.

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