Series 2 Podcast

It’s a new year with a new series of the #TeacherTLC podcast!

In this series we will talk to authors and keynote speakers who focus on teacher motivation and enjoyment. We’re all about passion and excitement… We talk to educators with a HIGH job satisfaction and ask ‘why?’ Each episode we’ll add to our teacher toolkit first aid box to support NQTs and new teachers.

Let’s do this!

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We catch up with Luca and talk about his progression into Year group leader. We recap over the top tips from 2019 and talk to Hannah Croskery about moving from a small village school into a new role as a deputy head teacher. Her story throughout her career is inspiring. She was told by doctors a career in teaching wasn’t for her and now she boasts a 11/10 in her job satisfaction.

Top tips combine with favourite quotes to give us a special start to the series.

Keep cards and messages in a memory box or bag.

Focus on being you. Do things that take you away from the workplace.

Learn to see the good in everything. If you struggle to see the good in something find someone who will be your voice of reason.

Change Is inevitable, growth is optional.

What you allow is what you continue…

Published by Mr K Education

Tom Konsek is an Apple Distinguished Educator and Primary school teacher in the East Midlands, UK. He shares his innovative ideas about curriculum and technology via his blog.

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