Free eBook series for online safety- Be Internet Legends

I am delighted to share with you a project I have been working on to help support develop the incredible work of the Be Internet Legends online safety scheme of work.

As part of a modernisation of our school’s online safety framework I invited the wonderful people at @Parentzone to help us launch our Be Internet Legends scheme of work at the start of the year.

All our children were instantly hooked with the bright, bold colours and easy to remember chant “Sharp, Alert, Secure, Kind, Brave!” We raced back to our classrooms and all embarked on our Be Internet Legends quest…

The children loved the content and so I decided to ‘add some meat’ and bulk out our teacher packs with an online resource. I followed the pillars of the Be Internet Legends scheme of work with pupil learning journals in the form of Pages templates. This meant that once I shared a link to open a workbook they could make it their own and dip in and out of it throughout the year. This provided the children with more oppurtunity to be creative with their answers and also provided flexibility for teachers in terms of when and where to save and record work.

The format for each pillar follows a simple layout founded on the Everyone Can Create guides by Apple Education. Within each pupil journal the children learn about online safety through photo, video, music or art.

The pupil journals are designed to be easily accessed with out-of-the-box free apps such as Keynote, Pages, Notes, Photo Mark-up, GarageBand, Voice Recorder, iMovie and Apple Clips.

Published by Mr K Education

Tom Konsek is an Apple Distinguished Educator and Primary school teacher in the East Midlands, UK. He shares his innovative ideas about curriculum and technology via his blog.

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