Be Internet Legends- Sharp Teacher and Home School eBook

The Be Internet Legends Teacher and Home School eBook provides an easy-to-follow guide that supports the Pupil Journals. This book maximizes the features of an eBook using screenshots and video tutorials guides with free apps and activities that anyone can use!

Online safety is becoming more and more important for teachers, parents and pupils.

Since the worldwide closures of schools, pupils have needed to access the internet like never before. But how safe is their practice? Are their parents able to provide the right level of support? And most importantly for you, are educators equipped with the right knowledge and advice to help facilitate online learning from home?

The Covid-19 pandemic forced pupils to access the internet at home like never before. It is vital as educators, parents and users ourselves that we equip our children with the right knowledge to navigate the risks and develop critical thinking skills which help to protect their best interests.

This guide is designed to help teachers plan and deliver free and engaging e-safety lessons using iPad technologies and apps. Each activity is linked to the computing National Curriculum.

Activities have been designed with different schools in mind. Every school will be teaching computing skills and online safety differently. The pupil eBooks can be used once a term or last throughout the academic year. Although the same apps are used in each year group, the skills are progressive and build on previous experience.

The walkthrough guides and video tutorials are designed to give the teacher a quick and informative introduction to the various apps. You can teach lessons in isolation or give your pupils the choice of activities each week to compete, depending on their confidence with each activity. Video-based and audio-based activities can be taught using shared iPads for those schools without one to one devices.

The Pages pupil eBooks are designed to give greater flexibility and creativity to showcase learning. Feel free to add pages to pupil books for additional work/evidence.

Be Internet Legends – Sharp Teacher and Home School guide

Published by Mr K Education

Tom Konsek is an Apple Distinguished Educator and Primary school teacher in the East Midlands, UK. He shares his innovative ideas about curriculum and technology via his blog.

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