icould is a website that connects teachers, pupils, and emplyers by sharing a wide range of resources. From useful guides that use recommeded research and insightful videos from people in different professions, iCould is a great place to explore. Check out some of their teaching resources here.

  1. Self-discovery and reflection
    Take the Buzz Quiz to develop self-awareness and start thinking about careers. This fun, quick quiz helps young people to explore their strengths and preferences, and explore links between their personality, working styles and job types.
  2. Career ideas
    Explore videos to get an insight into careers and work, and draw links between subjects and jobs. There are over 1000 videos of real people talking about their careers – explaining their job role, career path and how different factors have shaped their choices. Videos can be filtered by job type or subject and cover a range of sectors and levels.
  3. Labour Market Information
    Drill down to see Labour Market Information (LMI) and think about next steps. Below each video, you can find information relating to job types, including salary and weekly hours; job description, qualifications and tasks; employment by region; future employment; and gender balance. How to use Labour Market Information to help make career decisions has more details.
  4. Current vacancies
    See current vacancies for ideas about future employment with the real-time jobs feed. Our jobs feed is located on each video page to the right (on mobile devices scroll down) and corresponds as closely as possible to the job family of the video. Using real job adverts to spark career ideas sets out more ways this can be used.
  5. Career guides
    Visit Career paths for guides and articles exploring issues at different career stages and decision points. These include GCSE options or university choices; exams and revision; and finding and applying for jobs.
This useful guide helps to support lesson planning for teachers

What makes you tick? This document has some really useful questions to support your children when meeting a visitor for the first time.

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