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From around 9000 global applications, Tom was handpicked to join the program of 2019 Apple Distinguished Educators and he travelled to Admsterdam, Netherlands to meet the Class of 2019 for a week long training institute with Apple. He currently works alongside other members of the ADE and Apple teacher community to share and create high quality content.

ADEs are part of a global community of education leaders recognized for doing amazing things with Apple technology in and out of the classroom. They explore new ideas, seek new paths, and embrace new opportunities. That includes working with each other and with Apple to bring the freshest, most innovative ideas to learners everywhere. Being part of the ADE community is much more than an honor, it’s an opportunity to make a difference.

Tom Konsek is a UK based Apple Distinguished Educator and Primary Futures Ambassador working in the East Midlands Region. He uses innovative and creative ideas to enhance learning. He hosts regional ICT networks and provides CPD in schools and online via blogs and vlogs via KTV Online Classroom YouTube channel and Teacher TLC Podcast.

Tom specialises in making learning exciting across the whole primary sector. Developing new concepts and ideas within his school, Tom shares best practice of effective iPad technologies from Foundation Stage to Year 6. His three main areas of expertise include flipped learning through video and film, reducing cognitive load and assessment, marking and feedback. Tom has worked on a range of resources for teachers and parents regarding online safety and has co-authored the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Primary ICT progression framework for 2020/21.

His teaching philosophy involves reducing teacher workload and pupil cognitive load while increasing the impact in the classroom.

“I love what I do. I have so much energy to bring to the world of education. We need to give our kids the best opportunities to access the highest quality education. The UK has a long way to go but I’m looking forward to being a part of the mission.”

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First Class Honors (BA)

Tom graduated with a First class Joint Honors degree in 2012 at the University of Derby.

He went to to complete his PGCE post graduate degree with the University of Nottingham in 2014. While studying, Tom was chosen to take part in an international teacher exchange program with Shanghai Normal University, China where he co-presented UK-based research to help benefit the provision of a ‘child-centered curriculum’ in Primary and Kindergarten education.

Prior to teaching, Tom was a Sports Leader Coach, Outdoor Activity leader (high ropes and mountaineering) and Paddlesport Coach (kayak and canoe). He also was an active member of the Royal Air Force Air Cadet corps and was promoted to Flight Sergeant leaving after completing the Royal Air Force Junior Leaders course and gaining a qualification in team leading level 3 with the Institute of Leadership and Management.

Tom now works as a full time class teacher in Year 5 and works as the Curriculum Development, Pupil Leadership and Computing lead at Leen Mills Primary School in Hucknall, Nottingham. He organises the annual Enterprise Week initiative, bringing local businesses and communities together to raise the aspirations of his pupils and hosts webinar meetings with other Primary Futures Ambassadors and volunteers to help increase pupil aspirations.

Tom has competed the Succession Planning and Talent Management Program of Leadership with the George Spencer Alliance and the NPQML qualification for leadership and works towards NPQSL with his current leadership roles in school and across his network.

He continues to be an NQT mentor and support newly-qualified teachers with standards of teaching and learning as well as offer CPD training with Apple Regional Training Centre in the East Midlands and with the Nottinghamsire and Derbyshire Primary SLT ICT Networks.

If you would like to contact Tom regarding published works or training opportunities please get in touch.

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Online safety curriculum guidance

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