Create for a Cause eBook Series

Authored by inspirational educators from across the globe, Create for a Cause is a free Ebook series that matches creative classroom challenges to important educational topics and linked charities. This series is the brain-child of Lyndsey Stuttard who is a fellow Apple Distinguished Educator. Each book contains exciting lesson ideas and activities linked to photo,Continue reading “Create for a Cause eBook Series”

Whole School Computing Framework and Yearly Skills Progression

Many subject leaders are now looking at tightening their coverage for their year groups to ensure National Curriculum skills are both progressive and detailed in preparation for subject Deep Dives. I have worked with other Computing leaders across my network of schools to help ensure there is a clear skills coverage and progression for eachContinue reading “Whole School Computing Framework and Yearly Skills Progression”

Struggling with home schooling? What the research says about keeping motivated and effective

The EEF has identified the main barriers and issues with teaching children in a home environment: The Environment Daily Structure Technology Planning and teaching Self-regulation Using these barrier as guides, there are 5 top tips to overcome that involve: Activate (check prior learning & understanding) Explain (modelling) Practice (independent work) Reflection (be honest- what wentContinue reading “Struggling with home schooling? What the research says about keeping motivated and effective”

Barefoot ICT. Free home school resources (no computer needed!) is an excellent resource that provides free support to schools, teachers and parents for online safety and National Curriculum Computing work. They have recently launched some new resources to support parents at home. The resources are mainly focused around Computational Thinking which involves problem solving, tinkering and perseverance. Visit to find out more.WithContinue reading “Barefoot ICT. Free home school resources (no computer needed!)”

Research- Using technology to improve learning

It is important that whatever changes and investments we make in relation to technology in education they are backed up with credible case studies and research. Here is quick summary of 4 recommendations by the EEF’s report support the implementation of new technologies in your school. I have also added some useful contacts and furtherContinue reading “Research- Using technology to improve learning”