Episode 4 – Open your door- let the fresh air in

We talk about being ‘brave’, consider the ‘why’ and asking for forgiveness after!  #10 Get involved- the more people you know in school the more you will enjoy work more. Get to know everyone- from the caretaker to the school office staff. #11 Realise you don’t need to be an expert in everything. The pupilsContinue reading “Episode 4 – Open your door- let the fresh air in”

Episode 2 – The Dr says ‘run it off!’

We talk to a man who has an impeccable immune system with 100% job satisfaction. With over 14 years experience we talk to Marc Faulder about his story and add three more vitamins into our medicine cabinet.  Marc’s vitamins include: #4 Meet other people- find people who are the same as you. Find free courseContinue reading “Episode 2 – The Dr says ‘run it off!’”

Episode 1 – The best medicine is laughter

Tom and Luca open the first episode open the series with an honest look at the teaching profession from the comforts of the beer garden. Enjoy! Luca kick starts our journey back to full health with his top three vitamins for the first aid kit… #1 Remember you are in a room full of comediansContinue reading “Episode 1 – The best medicine is laughter”

What is Streaming for Reading?

  If  Quick, simple and effective. Questioning follows a simple and easy to follow format using RIC- Retrieve (highlight what you can see), Infer (read between the lines) and Choice (how does the author/singer’s choice of tone and music affect the content and message?). Simply print out the lyric sheet and pop the questions onContinue reading “What is Streaming for Reading?”

Do they know it’s Christmas? Band Aid (latest version) Inspiring Christmas comprehension.

Got a spare 30 mins this week? Try something fun in your classroom… High quality comprehension question pack: Download here for FREE Do they know it’s Christmas Band Aid (new version) Like Streaming for Reading? Check out our full range of texts here.