Teach Like A Jedi

We had such a fun Friday morning when I decided to do some mental maths outside. I sneaked out of the morning assembly early and got changed into my Jedi outfit. I sat with my legs cross in the middle of the room with the Star Wars theme in the background and the kids wereContinue reading “Teach Like A Jedi”

Video game adventure writing unit – Myst Exile

Like every teacher I have struggled with engaging some of my reluctant male writers to really get their teeth into a new text. During the year that I had a boy-heavy cohort of boys that seems uninterested with fictional stories I tried something new and exciting. I planned a three week block of adventure fictionContinue reading “Video game adventure writing unit – Myst Exile”

The Man Who Walked Between the Two Towers FREE resources

Man on a Wire Non Fiction PP The Man Who Walked between the Two Towers main text and video hook to the film The Walk used. Lesson plans and handouts available for free below. Philippe Petit Planning Philippe Petit newspaper article. Pupil Review handout Picture perfect review for LA Newspaper Template