Top tips for parents. Keeping your child safe online.

After recent headlines surrounding the risks of child exploitation via a range of new online live streaming apps I decided to do a quick video for parents on how they can keep their child that little bit more safer online.  Follow the top tips to be more confident when it comes to protecting your childContinue reading “Top tips for parents. Keeping your child safe online.”

Hook your kids into maths using Tellagami free App

This is a great free app to engage children across the key stages in particular KS1. Using one of the avatar templates record the introduction or main task of your lesson and AirPlay the video to the class during the input. If you don’t have AirServer (each PC liecence is around £7.99) or Lonely screenContinue reading “Hook your kids into maths using Tellagami free App”

Persuasive writing and technology

This pupil-led unit is a really exciting, new and engaging way to teach persuasive writing and non-fiction letter writing units. We used Apple Clips and the Green screen effect to link our persuasive writing to a video that we shared with companies buying a selling plastic straws. Video link Overview: this 2-3 week writing unitContinue reading “Persuasive writing and technology”