Be Internet Legends- Sharp Teacher and Home School eBook

The Be Internet Legends Teacher and Home School eBook provides an easy-to-follow guide that supports the Pupil Journals. This book maximizes the features of an eBook using screenshots and video tutorials guides with free apps and activities that anyone can use! Online safety is becoming more and more important for teachers, parents and pupils. SinceContinue reading “Be Internet Legends- Sharp Teacher and Home School eBook”

Free eBook series for online safety- Be Internet Legends

I am delighted to share with you a project I have been working on to help support develop the incredible work of the Be Internet Legends online safety scheme of work. The Be Internet Legends Online Pupil Workbooks/Journal The Teacher and Home School eBook guide Sharp online safety KS2 eBooks (ages 7-11) Alert online safetyContinue reading “Free eBook series for online safety- Be Internet Legends”

Everyone Can Create- Teacher Guide

The Teacher Guide The Everyone Can Create: Teacher Guide is a brilliant free resource for classroom teachers and parents who home school. The guide maximises the ability of eBook formats with intergrated video tutorials, voice notes and external links to help with every aspect of the Everyone Can Create series. There is also the EveryoneContinue reading “Everyone Can Create- Teacher Guide”

Recommended Apps – A start up

Every week new educational apps are created and downloaded, tested and tried. The internet has an amazing variety of educators trialing and using different apps in their classrooms. The most important lesson here is, use what is best for your school and pupils! How confident are you staff at using technology in the classroom? IContinue reading “Recommended Apps – A start up”

Primary Futures

Primary Futures connects primary schools with inspirational, diverse volunteers from a range of careers, who come into school to talk to children about their jobs and show how what they are learning at school can lead to an interesting, exciting future. Our in-school activities feed children’s curiosity, break down gender stereotypes and opens their eyesContinue reading “Primary Futures”

Everyone Can Create: Drawing

The Everyone Can Create Drawing guides are an incredible tool to unlock children’s potential using technology . The units follow an easy-to-follow format using screen shots and video guides to take the learner through the following areas: Word Art Doodle Art Observational Sketching Landscapes Portraits Still Life Composition Architectural Design Logos Infographics Book Design WithinContinue reading “Everyone Can Create: Drawing”

Everyone Can Create: Video

Video is my favourite of the four guides to teach. It gives students a powerful means of interpreting ideas, expressing their thoughts, and informing, influencing and inspiring their audience. The portability of the iPad with the camera enables pupils to get up and explore their enviroment outside the classroom. New updates to iMovie make itContinue reading “Everyone Can Create: Video”