Everyone Can Create: Music

You don’t need to have any experience teaching music or playing an instrument to enjoy this guide and start playing in GarageBand. The layout and format of the app can be daunting for both teachers and pupils when you first start out so the guide offers easy-to-follow walkthrough tutorials in the form of annotated screenContinue reading “Everyone Can Create: Music”

Social Media Apps- Age Restrictions

With more and more of our young people accessing the online world, it is important to understand and be aware of the legal restrictions in place for social media apps and websites. Many children and young people create accounts without their parent/guardian’s permission and can be at risk without the proper safeguards in place. HereContinue reading “Social Media Apps- Age Restrictions”

Sharp- Be Internet Legends Pupil workbook

Here you can find the links to download your free pupil copies of the Sharp pupil workbooks for Years 3-6 (ages 7-11 years old). Download the teacher and parent guides here (Available on the Apple book store) Pupil books are available in Pages template documents and also PDF for Microsoft Office and other PC formats.Continue reading “Sharp- Be Internet Legends Pupil workbook”

What is Streaming for Reading?

  If  Quick, simple and effective. Questioning follows a simple and easy to follow format using RIC- Retrieve (highlight what you can see), Infer (read between the lines) and Choice (how does the author/singer’s choice of tone and music affect the content and message?). Simply print out the lyric sheet and pop the questions onContinue reading “What is Streaming for Reading?”