Video game adventure writing unit – Myst Exile

Like every teacher I have struggled with engaging some of my reluctant male writers to really get their teeth into a new text. During the year that I had a boy-heavy cohort of boys that seems uninterested with fictional stories I tried something new and exciting. I planned a three week block of adventure fictionContinue reading “Video game adventure writing unit – Myst Exile”

Streaming for Reading- A quick, creative way to teach reading comprehension using songs and lyrics

What is Streaming for Reading? Streaming for reading is quick, creative way to teach reading National Curriculum reading comprehension questions. Each session comes with a song lyric sheet and a reading comprehension sheet that uses RIC style questioning. Every lesson starts with a song! It beats the boredom is a regular guided reading session andContinue reading “Streaming for Reading- A quick, creative way to teach reading comprehension using songs and lyrics”

Iron Man Y3 Resources> PowerPoint, planning and text

Please feel free to download my Iron man Powerpoints, chapters and writing text. If you would like any more resources or planning just message me via the Twitter page. Thank you.  Iron Man PP MrkEdu Spring 1- Iron Man Planning Year 3 Resource The Iron Man handout to highlight The Iron Man-chapter four The IronContinue reading “Iron Man Y3 Resources> PowerPoint, planning and text”

Linking school and community through enterprise

Enterprise week 2018   It is essential for young people to meet individuals from outside their direct peer and family group – the value in this is huge. In particular, for the students, it can direct them to a path they didn’t even know existed. But it also benefits those in the business world whoContinue reading “Linking school and community through enterprise”

Persuasive writing and technology

This pupil-led unit is a really exciting, new and engaging way to teach persuasive writing and non-fiction letter writing units. We used Apple Clips and the Green screen effect to link our persuasive writing to a video that we shared with companies buying a selling plastic straws. Video link Overview: this 2-3 week writing unitContinue reading “Persuasive writing and technology”