Designing plastic sea and beach cleaners

One of my big passions is looking after the environment. Our class have been involved with the the #strawssuck campaign after watching @blueplanet2  More recently, I brought 15 Lego We Do 2.0 packs for the school. The idea was to closer link computing and STEM subjects and raise their profile across the school. It wasContinue reading “Designing plastic sea and beach cleaners”

Linking school and community through enterprise

Enterprise week 2018   It is essential for young people to meet individuals from outside their direct peer and family group – the value in this is huge. In particular, for the students, it can direct them to a path they didn’t even know existed. But it also benefits those in the business world whoContinue reading “Linking school and community through enterprise”

Top tips for parents. Keeping your child safe online.

After recent headlines surrounding the risks of child exploitation via a range of new online live streaming apps I decided to do a quick video for parents on how they can keep their child that little bit more safer online.  Follow the top tips to be more confident when it comes to protecting your childContinue reading “Top tips for parents. Keeping your child safe online.”