The aim of the Creative Curriculum (CC) approach is to connect subject leaders to their students in a way that maximises opportunities to develop creativity.

Through the CC model, pupils become more engaged with their favourite foundation subjects and develop greater confidence and mastery over the year.

Subject leaders are able to plan and deliver fun, engaging and creative lessons that directly result in a broader and more balanced school curriculum.

Pupils become leaders of their subject area and drive their own learning intentions in new and innovative ways. Children are encouraged to think of ways to raise the profile of their subject across the school and in the wider community. Examples include: sponsored reading schemes, setting up a school radio station, hosting an art gallery, commissioning artwork for the school building, sports competitions, talent shows, podcasting, planting and selling fruit and vegetables, online petitions, reading cafes, Times Tables activity days, fund-raising and other whole school events.

Find out more about the Creative Curriculum model here.

Every child is school chooses a team to join. They spend Sep-Feb in one team then change to another choice March-July.
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