Everyone Can Create: Music

You don’t need to have any experience teaching music or playing an instrument to enjoy this guide and start playing in GarageBand.

The layout and format of the app can be daunting for both teachers and pupils when you first start out so the guide offers easy-to-follow walkthrough tutorials in the form of annotated screen shots and video tutorials.

From Voice Recorder students can add their own lyrics to a song or poem then play around with the sound effects and editing tools. The Live Loops section is an instant hit with children as they can easily combine pre-recording sounds to make their own funky beat.

The Everyone Can Create: Music guide show you how to:

  • Use Live Loops
  • Consruction a song (with Justin Timberlake!)
  • Rhythm and beat making
  • Chords and melodic instruments
  • Writing and recording song lyrics
  • Post-production and sound quailty
Download the Everyone Can Create: Music guide

Everyone Can Create: Music- In the Classroom

An introduction to using GarageBand
Using recorded audio in the Anchor App to make podcasts

Social Media Apps- Age Restrictions

With more and more of our young people accessing the online world, it is important to understand and be aware of the legal restrictions in place for social media apps and websites. Many children and young people create accounts without their parent/guardian’s permission and can be at risk without the proper safeguards in place.

Here is a list of the most popular social networks and sites that children and young people access.

Check out National Online Safety website for more

Sharp- Be Internet Legends Pupil workbook

Here you can find the links to download your free pupil copies of the Sharp pupil workbooks for Years 3-6 (ages 7-11 years old).

Download the teacher and parent guides here (Available on the Apple book store)

Sharp Pupil books overview

Pupil books are available in Pages template documents and also PDF for Microsoft Office and other PC formats.

(download then view. Open in Pages by clicking the share button)

1. Sharp Year 3 eBook download for iPad

1. Sharp Year 4 eBook download for iPad

1. Sharp Year 5 eBook download for iPad

1. Sharp Year 6 eBook download for iPad

Series 2. Episode 2. We reach our 30 top tips!

In our second episode we talk to the amazing author and teacher Stuart Spendlow about the highs and lows of teaching and find out what positivity and energy in the right doses can do for you! We learn that Tom has hit his 30 year mile stone with a surprise birthday bash and discover Luca’s dad owns a mustard yellow Volvo they nickname Thunderbird 4.

I met Stuart at our world famous Teach Meet East Midlands where he made us all laugh with a funny story about toasters and Woolworths leading on to how to stay inspired in the world of education, pushing through the red tape and ‘energy vampires’ telling us even if they have sucked all the life from you “if you have no adrenaline but positivity the worst you’ll be is content”.

Q1) Stuart- did you steal those inspirational words?

Q2) Stuart you have a shared interests in keeping fellow teachers well motivated and inspired. Why haven’t you burnt out? Can you tell us a little about your journey (in teaching)? Sunday night anxiety. Self awareness.

Q3) We have been asking every guest their job satisfaction out of 10. Connecting highly motivated and happy teachers helps to energise me and those listening. Where are you at the moment out of 10?

Q4) You’ve had enough energy through your career to write not just the odd book but an award winning best seller with the online safety PenguinPig as well as a series called The Art of a brilliant Primary school teacher. It’s a brilliant book. Light hearted, Easy to read and full of stories, anecdotes and facts to help the struggling, disheartened or lost teacher. You mention the quote “Stop being perfect and start being remarkable” Why did you choose this as a way to summarise your advice?

Q5) Finally, I know in your book you have a ‘to be’ list which involves 1- to be an awesome role model, to be world class and to be my best self. You’re banned from using those top tips here today, instead can you add 3 more fresh top tips for our first aid box of TLC for teachers?

1. Be honest

2- use a sense of humour

3 – know yourself

4- It’s just a job!

Talking with Stuart was a breath of fresh air. Having a senior leader with so much positivity and humour would be a welcome addition to any school.

If you’d like to read more about The Art of being Brilliant check out: https://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewBook?id=1052106909

PenguinPig and MonkeyCow http://www.penguinpig.co.uk #PenguinPig #MonkeyCow

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Series 2 Podcast

It’s a new year with a new series of the #TeacherTLC podcast!

In this series we will talk to authors and keynote speakers who focus on teacher motivation and enjoyment. We’re all about passion and excitement… We talk to educators with a HIGH job satisfaction and ask ‘why?’ Each episode we’ll add to our teacher toolkit first aid box to support NQTs and new teachers.

Let’s do this!

Listen to S2 Ep1 here on Spotify 

Search for TeacherTLC on Apple Music.


We catch up with Luca and talk about his progression into Year group leader. We recap over the top tips from 2019 and talk to Hannah Croskery about moving from a small village school into a new role as a deputy head teacher. Her story throughout her career is inspiring. She was told by doctors a career in teaching wasn’t for her and now she boasts a 11/10 in her job satisfaction.

Top tips combine with favourite quotes to give us a special start to the series.

Keep cards and messages in a memory box or bag.

Focus on being you. Do things that take you away from the workplace.

Learn to see the good in everything. If you struggle to see the good in something find someone who will be your voice of reason.

Change Is inevitable, growth is optional.

What you allow is what you continue…

Episode 8 – Finding your Mojo

The word “mojo” derives from the Fula African language and relates to magic and spells to generate luck and power. How much luck have you had so far? Maybe it’s about making your own luck…

Moco’o’ or ‘mojo’ means ‘medicine man’. In this episode we talk to the modern-day ‘medicine woman’- Hannah Boydon. With an impressive 12/10 on her job satisfaction rating, she is surely worth tapping into for a secret dose of Mojo magic. She shares her ethos behind teaching happiness to her students and energising teachers and TAs in your school with the E-twinning community. Here you will find some brilliant top tips from a senior leader who is thriving in our profession. I’m all ears…

Hannah Boydon’s 1st aid supplies include:

22) Look up from your desk and see the wider world- get involved with E- twinning.

23) Think about the whole education of the child- try to see your school as a much bigger framework. 

24) Find time for yourself- whatever you do to keep yourself happy, make sure you find time for yourself, no matter how bad and busy things get.

Episode 7 – Jelly and ice cream

The nurse will bring your desert in now… All you need to do is enjoy some comfort food. Get somewhere nice to sit down and take in some wonderful top tips to reduce your workload in the classroom and thrive in urban inner city schools with our lawyer turned teacher Arron Jelley. 

#19 Don’t be too hard on yourself. Your job list is never ending. Don’t let it stress you out- look after you. 

#20 Set up clear routines to ensure your children feel safe and supported. It will make it easier for your day to go smoothly. 

#21 Tech tip! Try to limit the number of apps you are using. Use camera, screen record and keynote. It doesn’t seem like much but you can get loads done. You will save time teaching others how to use them too and become more confident.

Episode 6 – The immune booster

Get yourself out of your comfort zone. We look from the top of education and the first step on the path to a career in teaching with an ITE university lecturer. Listen to the vision and drive behind Mat Pullen’s take on education and school culture. 

#16 Get to know your students. Relationships with your pupils is absolutely critical. Get to know something about them and let them get to know you.

#17 Don’t be afraid to try things. You are the role model to your kids in your class. If they see you taking calculated risks and trying new things they will try new things themselves.

#18 Show your passion and develop something new with an after school or lunchtime club. You can try your ideas out without the pressure and without the observations. 

Episode 6- listen here

Episode 5 – Send yourself to sleep

It all starts with a healthy diet. We start with Worcestershire sauce and marmite peanut butter to kick start our conversation with Matt Warne. This honest and open conversation aims to empower educators in schools across the UK.

#13 It can be quite insular when you work in a small school, you’ve got to look outside. Reach out to local teachers and get outside your school. 

#14 We’ve all made some hilarious mistakes in the classroom. It’s about sharing them, laughing about them and not doing them again!

#15 Don’t loose sight for what you believe in. It’s about inspiring your pupils. 

Episode 5 listen here

Episode 3 – Avoid the mood hoovers

This educator has a great story to tell about his route into teaching and some brilliant top tips to help you survive and thrive in your school- Jacob Woolcock. 

Jacob’s top tips for the 1st aid kit:

#7 Try not to get into a routine- try and keep things exciting and fresh! You need a new reasons each day to be excited to be going into work.

#8 Accept change. We need to be evolving as professionals, especially when today’s world is changing so quickly- as educators we need to respond to that.

#9 It’s okay to make baby steps for understanding and using technology.

We catch up with Luca with his first week back in Malaysia as he prepares for a jazz festival with his new international staff. He talks ‘playtime shutdown’ with haze air pollution.

Episode 3 – listen here

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